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Winter Flying-

Why Fly In The Winter?  Isn't It Really Cold Up There?

Often in the morning it can

be very comfortable aloft, 

Up to 40 degrees warmer

than the temperature on

the ground. So on a 20

Degree Morning It will be

50-60 degrees aloft. 

Why Is That?

We are not in the cold for

long.  As we are flying, we

have 40 million BTU'S per

hour from the balloon's

heater above us to help

us  Keep warm.    Also, the

sun is absorbed by the

earth during the day.  At

night  the earth cools

and that heat has to go

somewhere,  so it rises

above the layer of cold 


Usually  the temperature

starts to increase at about

300 feet.

Another  advantage

of winter flying is that

we See A lot More Wildlife

bald eagles, geese, snow

geese,  and deer.  They have

nowhere to hide. 

Great for Picture Taking!!

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Winter Morning
25 Degrees On The Ground & 60 Degrees At 500 Feet And Above

Winter ViewA Winter Afternoon FlightAbove Tuckahoe State Park In December

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